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Hi There! I am Tej Lehal

I am a Web Developer with a Computer Science degree and also graduated in the Immersive Web Development Bootcamp at Juno College. I am very passionate in creating accessible, responsive and well designed applications and enjoys creating fully functioning projects that will impact peoples daily lives. I have a growth mindset, an empathic personality and belives that by learning and creating I can improve not only as a developer but also as a person.


  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Sass

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • jQuery

  • Git

  • Accessibility

  • Responsive

  • Firebase

  • Terminal

  • Node JS



React | Firebase| REST APIs | HTML5 | SASS

Created an app that will help the sports enthusiast to get a pick-up game going with people near them. User's can log in and can either join or post a pick up game. Implemented Firebase and Google Auth for this project

Sorting Visualizer

JQuery | HTML5 | SASS

Want to Learn how various sorting algorithm works? I Created an application that shows a visual representation of different sorting algorithms (merge sort, quick sort, bubble sort) and a brief description on how they work.

Is The Book Better

Mob Programming | React | Firebase | REST APIs | HTML5 | SCSS

The debate is heated and we all want to know - is the book or the movie better? Created an app that allows users to search both the goodreads API and Movie DB API. This will compare the ratings of movie and the book. Created with Krys and Satvir

Question Impossible


Are you up for the challenge? Question Impossible is a quiz game taken from Open Trivia API. Based on the concept of jeopardy you have to pick a question from the categories given. This is a pair programming application


Let’s P.O.U.R. it all out in A11y
March 31, 2020

Let’s P.O.U.R. it all out in A11y

I recently attended the a11yTO 2020 camp where many well respected people in the accessibility world are there to share their knowledge and vision to all developers...

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